This is a watch app to help navigate rough terrain

Orienteering is a group of sports that require navigational skills using a map and compass to navigate from point to point in diverse and usually unfamiliar terrain whilst moving at speed. Participants are given a topographical map, usually a specially prepared orienteering map, which they use to find control points. Originally a training exercise in land navigation for military officers, orienteering has developed many variations. Among these, the oldest and the most popular is foot orienteering. For the purposes of this article, foot orienteering serves as a point of departure for discussion of all other variations, but almost any sport that involves racing against a clock and requires navigation with a map is a type of orienteering.

This app will help you navigate in unfamiliar terrain. Just save the necessary waypoints and press the «Run» button. Listen to the voice prompts. Turn the required number of degrees. You can also monitor the distance to the waypoint, by audio.An arrow pointer shows you the direction to the waypoint.The app will be useful for mushroom pickers, hunters, fishermen and anyone who walks on rough terrain.

Instructions to run the application

1 Turn on the application and wait for the GPS signal

2 Press the plus button

3 Edit the name and if necessary the latitude and longitude of the waypoint

4 Select the desired waypoint from the list (the list is compiled from the shortest to the longest distance from you)

5 Choose what to say and whether to use headphones

6 Press a button with a running man on it

7 Listen to the voice prompts to turn a certain number of degrees

8 When you arrive at your waypoint, the app will notify you with a voice

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